Day 12: last night before I sleep snow falls .I wake up 6 o’clock and rainning but I sleep to 6.40 o’clock I feel freezing and scary because I scary to go school late then I quick to take a bath and toothbrush
when I finish I quick to go down stair and eat breakfast is bread , egg and juice at 7.40 sister Zag and Zag come home to pick me go to school with they I feel tried because I must quick every thing
-frist class is math I feel happy because I like math but I don’t understand to teacher say I feel sad and bored😂
-breakfast time I stay with Cole and friend at cafeteria I feel sleppy because it bored
-physical education class I play soccer with friend and run around gym I feel very funny and happy but ball hit my face is not hurt because accustomed in Thailand
-library class is very bored because not do anything I feel sleepy but I can’t sleep
-music class I feel funny because this class is not study but we sing
-english class is very not funny because read a book but I not understand I feel bored
-lunch time I eat bread , milk and slad I eat finish I take with friend
-engineer class I feel slepy because I fully😁
-this class I don’t no name class but teacher open “CNN student” student wach I don’t under stand because I foolish english language
-last class is seience I feel bored because I must to work sheet 😞
at 3 pm. I come back home in home I play with grandchildren of host family I feel funny I like baby 😬 it’s time to dinner I eat pizza and slad I feel fully and we go to food market and come back home at 10 pm. I sleepimageimage