I’m sorry for not updating block ,I will tell the story of the day before yesterday and yesterday ,so let’s start with the day before yesterday.

On Wednesday, I had to go to school.
From now on,the day that I have to go to school , I don’t eat cereals for breakfast anymore. I ate ‘pop tart’ instated and ate in the car. Maggie always do this. When we arrived at school, we studied choir for first class. When I’m in this class, I always surprise and enjoy with choral song and piano sound. Sometimes I wondered that Is everyone in America always sing well? Because every place that I went in america I always hear people singing and they sing well. Especially Maggi , her voice is very beautiful. The second class was phycology, teacher gave an assignment to work with friends (3persons each group) ,so Maggi Cannady and I were in the same group. Then, Teacher let us pick the poster paper and marker to do the work. This work was about the reaction before and after conditioning. I helped them draw the picture. I though our work was the best! Then, the third class we had marketing. Teacher gave an assignment to us to do work with partner. Unluckily, Maggie had to do with me lol. Marketing was not much I can helped her because I didn’t know anything about it. I helped her by drawing and make it more pretty. After this class, it was a lunch time. We had chili and grill cheese sandwich for lunch. Then the forth class, I studied english and when finished this class I went to library with Maggi to meet her friends. At 3o’clock, we departed from school and back to home. At 6o’clock, we had guest at home. Guess who..? Her boyfriend lol. This was the third time I met him. The first time at the supermarket ,second time on video call with Maggi. He is older than her for3 years. We had a dinner together at home. Then, I took a shower. Suddenly, I felt hurt my leg so mush…I cried a little ,but I though that my doctor said that if I felt hurt just take a medicine that he gave and then I would be fine. But upstairs didn’t had water ,so Maggi brought it up for me to take a medicine. Then after that for about half an hour I felt better and finally didn’t hurt anymore!!

On Thursday, at school was just the same. We studied the same subject. At lunch time, we had sausages and the food that leftover from Tuesday and Wednesday ,so we stilled have taco and chili. I brought it all in my dish lol I’m very hungry. While we were walking to the table, the girl who a bit disable asked Maggi that can she sat with me ,but Maggi said no our table didn’t have room for her. I asked Maggi why she didn’t want her to sit with. She told me that actually that girl hate her and that girl always bump her and said ‘b*tch I’m gonna kill you’. So now I understand why Maggi didn’t want her to sit with. At 3o’clock when the bell rang, we backed home. Maggie had to work at5 o’clock ,so I stayed with mom. She asked me to go to library and store with her after dinner ,so I went with her. The library that we went was opposite Oui’s house ,but at that time I didn’t have an internet to tell him ,so I didn’t meet him. Then, we went to the store to buy ingredient to cook Pad thai for the next day and buy brat,buns etc. to bring with at the baseball game.image image image image