Yesterday was a very busy day for me. I woke up at 7am and I went to the soft ball game. The weather was so bad since the wind was very strong in the morning. Nice that it getting better at noon. We won on both game today.

I found someone who always shout in the game. On the first game I found a women who talked to her kids like a dog. She told her kids to get the softball that ran out of the field by shout “go get it! ” …I remembered that that’s what people say to dog. But never mind… Or mind..whatever.

Then I ate pizza ranch and came back to the game and some girl in the other team keep shouting “Chill you got it” all the time that they player need to trow the ball. But when the ball came to her she was not even catched it.

Then we went to outlet store and mum bought a pair of tennis shoes since Clara yeld at her because she wore flip flop to the field in the morning. And then we go back to hotel and swim until 9 pm. So I’m so tired and fall asleep right away after took a shower.