Day 11 : I wake up 6 o’clock I feel freezing and be sleepy but I go to schol. I got out of bed and go to take a bath , watch my face I feel very cold water keep me awake. When I finish I go downstair for eat breakfast is cereal and milk at 7.30 o’clock sister Zag and Zag get I go to school by car.At school I feel bored , alone and funny .When Cole (my buddy) came we go to class room frist class is math exam.I sit with Cole he do exam and I sit is very sleepy because very bored but I don’t sleep finish class we go to next class I don’t no what subject but I feel funny next class is physical education I play this same a tennis I don’t no name this game I feel tried but very funny another 3 subject I don’t remember because very bored after that is break time we go to eat lunch is salad, potato and hotdog we finish I sit with group Cole this group have girl friend I feel alone because he and her my group is romantic time. We finish break I and Cole go to next class is engineer is very hard I can’t help buddy I feel sad.Next class I don’t no name this class but very bored next class is sience I feel funny because I like. I finish I come back home with sisiter Zag at home I play with grandchild of my host I feel relax and watch TV it’s time to dinner I eat macaroni is very yummy after that I start to write a block at 8 pm. I go upstair for relax and I sleep 10 pm.image