Today is second day of school I woke up at 6.20 am then went to brush my teeth and change a cloths.Breakfast it has cereal with milk then 7.30am my host dad drove a car to school.First class I studied history us.Second class I studied P.E.Next I studied art and went to ate lunch then go to studied widelite and english class.Today my host gave a paper about baseball game on sunday to ask my buddy and my friend.My buddy him don’t know because he don’t ask his family then tomorrow he came to answer on morning.Today I very excited in class.At 3.00pm my host dad came to wait me at school then we went to buy chilli lime and egg roll at Thai lao restaurant then came back to home.At 7.00pm I ate a dinner with host and Ultra we ate frenchfried and beef.Then 8.30pm we went to bed and slept goodnight.1459900121923