Today I woke up late again since I didn’t sleep for an hour because Clara open alarm at 4am but she is too tired to wake up so the alarm keep running every 10 minutes until 5am. When my alarm rang at 6am I just turned it off because I didn’t sleep well. So I woke up at 7:10 but today I can hang on with it. So we are not late for school and I had my computer charged and they are all in my bag.

But when I arrived at school I rerise that I forgot my purse at home under my bed. Buy it’s not very matter. First 3 class was passed and I just did my homework. In the 1st class, they were practicing for their up coming concert this Sunday. In the 2nd class, they were talking the exam. In the 3rd class, they just kept working on their work. So I just spent time doing my homework but it still not done anyway.

Then it’s lunch time and I got mini corn dogs and smiley face potatoes and it was very great. We sat on the chair like 6 people on 1 side and only 4 on the other side. It’s weird but I like it, it’s warm.

Then mum took me back to the house to take my purse and my carry on suitcase to the car and we picked up Tonya to travel with us and she let me tried crispy rice with mash mellow and it test very good. Then I fall asleep for along time because I’m very tired.

Then we arrived at the game and I tried to do my homework but I’m to struggle with the game. Lucky that the game ends very fast because people are just out and out. We won with 3-1 and that was great. Then we got back to hotel and went to have some dinner. Then I hangout with the girls in softball team and took a shower then get back to bed.