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Today i go to mishicot highschool.I wake up on 6.00am.Then i have a breakfast with milk and oreo.We go to school on 7.30am to school on 7.40am.Then we talk to mr.ellenbecker about the lesson.I don’t study first class because talk about class and what i want to study.Second class i study about body weight and running.Then i study art.Then i learn about nutaral i don’t like it because i don’t choose this class.This class learn about nutaral around the school.It very cool.Then i have a lunch with porkchop,bread,chocolate milk.We sit in the cafearea.The ring is on.We go to a classroom.I study english is the last class in this day.I learn about american and reading a books.On 3.17am we go to home.Then we go to pizza restaurant for dinner.Then we cut a tree and give a food for a birds.Then we have dinner with pizza.