To day i woke up at 6.20 am then I went to brush a teeth and change cloth for first day school.I ate breakfast at 7.00am it has oreo with milk.At 7.30 my host dad drove a car to school and went to in the office and talk with persident and talk about class what I want to study on the first period I didn’t study because talk in the office then my buddy is come he is Nick he 17 years he very tall.second period I study in the fitness I can play anything in the I study art then I went to wildlite class I don’t like this class because I don’t know about that then I go to ate lunch.last period I go to with my buddy then ring is on I go to english class I have a friend he is bryant he is very best.At 3.15 pm my host dad drove the car and went to the home.then 4.30 pm we drove a car to pizza restaurant and came back home and cut the tree on font of the house then we take shower and ate dinner then l go to bed.145980964881814598096437461459809647675