Last 2 day ago I was very exciting because me and my host are going to the hotel.We went there because Emma have to play basketball tournament so we stayed in hotel 2 days.First day I didn’t do anything much because we just arrive but in dinner I ate rib eye steak it was that best steak that I have eaten before.Second day I watched Emma played she played very good but she lost.When she was finished we came back to the hotel and I ate Taco Bell then we went to the basket ball stadium to watched Emma next matched when Emma next match start I wish that she will win finally she lost then we went to ate dinner we ate noodle kompany that was the best food that I ate here.Last day I watch Emma again but this time she won when we finished all the match so we came back home finally we arrive at home.I am very exciting for tomorrow because tomorrow is my first day that I am going to school.