Today I woke up very late with no reason. I head back to sleep very fast because of the old music. I woke up at 7:10 and that’s so bad because I had only half an hour to go my self ready for school at that mean I don’t have time for breakfast. I got changed and got cereal and cookies Iin the siplock bag and trow them all to my bag. Lucky that I didn’t get anything out of my bag yesterday because I just slept. But my notebook was not charged at all and it ran out of battery again.

Then I got to school very in time and it almost the class but at least I didn’t late for school . In choir class I just be the audience down the stage because everyone were doing there real hall practice for the up coming concert this weekend.

Then in math class(now) they are doing there practice test for their exam tomorrow and I can do only somepart of it since I just came here 3 days ago. I just did only the part that I can and then catch up my blog and doing my recent blog for today in case I fall asleep again.

After that it was English class, I spended my time for art reserch and I only be there for half of the class and I gone for a field trip. We traveled by school bus. School bus is not that great.. It’s just like a local public transportation with bright yellow from outside to make we (only me) feel exiting. We made a breath stop at Walmart because it’s almost 12 so they gave us time for lunch. I got my money from yesterday and I spend about $4 for my cheese burger. I’m very wonder how many cheese burger I had in only 10 days and how many word ‘chess burger’ in my blog. Then we moved on to the fabric store and everyone bought fabric for making blanket in sewing class. But I don’t have to do it since I be here for shorter time and I’m just going to make a pillow so I just waited there.

Then we got back to school and I went back home to clear my stuff and packed some clothes for tomorrow that I’m going to the hotel for Clara’s softball game. I need to clean up my stuff since I don’t know where is my jean and that’s the reason I need to were leggings today and it was very cold.