Day 36 : Today is lastday to I stay with host family or Carol and Popp I feel sad and I wake up 7.30 am. I feel go to not wake up early after that I go bath room for take a bath , wash my face and tooth brush when I finish I go downstair for eat break fast is penut butter and grand child has come visit but I don’t know they . They a scary me hahaha I don’t no why??? after that Carol and grandchild go out side to walk and I go up stair for wash my cloth and take a nape again hahaha and wait for wash cloth when I wake up I dry a cloth and wait after that I go downstair for eat lunch is salad and ham when I finish I go to up stair for pack when I finish I go downstair and my host family is sleep so I go to upstair for take a nape . It’s time I go out side for eat dinner is burger and go to watch a man chorus imageI feel bored but some song is funny I see is many old people hahaha when finish we come back home at 10.30 pm. I feel very tried and I go
to slee 11 pm.