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Today is our 2nd Wedding Anniversary. We didn’t do anything special.
I didn’t have a gift for George and George didn’t have a gift for me.
It’s kind of our tradition. Last year we ate Chinese food in a small restaurant. (I’m not sure I can call a restaurant)

We woke up happily and I cooked breakfast and lunch.
We came to the library and stay at the library all day.
I heard from my friends that Game of Thrones season 5 secretly release episode 2-4 already.
So we watched the second episode online together.

Around 5 pm. We put our stuff in the car and came back to the library for Wine and Paint event.
Kay met us in the parking lot. We joined the event together.



There’re 30 people in the event. All of then were women. George was the only man in the event hahaha.
We painted one of the famous Vincent van Gogh Paintings. The teacher was Johanna Worley. She used to work with George back in Thailand during one summer 5-6 years ago. She taught us what should be the steps but mostly we just random painted by ourselves.
We can drink during painting but we didn’t drink much. We drank only a glass of wine.
We’re serious about painting at that moment hahaha.

After 2 hours, we’re done. This is how it look like.


On the left is mine and the right is George.


It’s supposed to look like Manitowoc Silhouette. But I think my painting look like Alien war base.
We finished around 8:00 pm. Kay went home first because George took forever to finished his and she was hungry hahaha.
We went to eat normal dinner after that and we talked to ourselves that real long last couple would do something normal like this in their anniversary hahaaa.

Kay gave us the tradition gift for 2nd anniversary (cotton).
It was a smell of cotton. Hahaha
When George saw it at first he said “How could Kay know that our apartment smell bad?” Hahahahah

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