Today, I woke up at 6.37 a.m. I brushed my teeth and washed my face. I went downstairs at 6.58 a.m. and I don’t see any people in living room, they stayed in their bedroom. I sat on sofa to waited for my breakfast. I slept on sofa. My breakfast is cereal. I left from home around 7.35 a.m. We met our friends and kept things into locker. First class, We learned band or music class. Today I knew name of teacher, his name is ………… I was very happy. My friends had 3 balloons, they played it and put it in Abbey’s locker. Abbey afraid balloon very much, she can’t catch it and she very very very scared it. I and friends pretend her.555 her face was very red and she run around room. She looked very scare it. Second class, I learned Physical Education. We had gym clothes to change again but we didn’t play hockey. We played pick ball. It liked table tennis + tennis. It was a little bit hard. My partner is Abbey. We played for three times. We won 2 times and lost 1 time. I played it don’t good and I think bad because I don’t know how to played it. Before we played this sport, we went to run around the yard outside school but I and Abbey don’t run. because Abbey knee was hurt and we came late. I was very happy.555 Third class, I learned health. We don’t learn anything in this class because today my friends had test. They read a book before did test around 15 minutes. I don’t have test. and teacher changed our seat. I sat the backest of room because teacher said this is the last day of me. and Abbey must go to sit at her seat. Today in hawk time we learned Band. We went to band room and practice music. We went to room that don’t have any people know. I went to this room with Abbey and Emily. It was very small room. Abbey played saxophone and I played drum. This room is the room that use to kept clothes of band. Fourth class, I learned English. We read a book and learned about U.S. history. It was very interesting. Teacher had example of some situation during 20s to 90s. It had 36 situations. It was in worksheet but I can’t do it because I didn’t know about U.S. so much and It was very very hard. I wrote the correct answer and kept it to read at home. but I doesn’t had many information. It had only 1 pages. After english class is lunch time. I ate lunch at 11.42 a.m. My lunch is Pad mama that I did yesterday. Fifth class, I learned Social studies. I watched CNN students video for 10 minutes and did test about this video. It had 10 item. After that, My friends did booklet project again. and I don’t do anything. Sixth class, I learned Science. When I sat on my seat, Ayana came to see me and said “I want to see you because this is the last day of you” When she said finished, had some friends asked me. Ayana made friends know that today is the last day of school for me. Kevin said “Bye bye”. I was very happy.555 We did some elementary. We learned about microscope. We used it to look newspaper. It was very fun. Seventh class, I learned Mathematics. I learned about box plot. I never leaned it before. but It didn’t hard. and now I can do it. I stayed alone because teacher changed seat and she said “one day you can sit here” and I didn’t do some question with my friends. When the bell ring. I went to locker. and had many friends can to bye bye me. I was very happy. I came back to home and packed my things a little bit. I asked P’Mild about bag to Chicago. I wrote this blog. At 6.30 p.m. I will go to eat dinner at restaurant with Nana, Wendy and Abbey. I will sleep at 9.00 p.m.