Today is my last day here at Brillion high school with all of my friends. I’m kind of sad. The time went too fast. It’s been a month since I been here. I didn’t realize that the time went this fast. It’s what people say the happiness time gone so fast or time fly.

I studied every subject like the day before but it might not have a day after. Today lunch was corndog. I very like it.

Then it’s the end of the day, time to say goodbye to everyone. It’s not going to be that bad gone a way like before since now we had technology and it helped us connected the world.

Then I got back home, finished my packing up and made cookie to packed for Chicago trip. I’m not very exciting about going to Chicago since I didn’t want to shopping and I don’t know what to do there. I prefer staying here if I have a choice.

Then I go out to the Ethel’s Restaurant that I went in the first day here to be the memories of our first and last restaurant that I ate with this lovely family. (very sad) I had cheese burger like the first day.

Then I took a shower and got back to bed, it’s going to be my last day with this bed and this room , this house, this family. After tomorrow it’s gonna be a past, A good past and memories that will stay in my mind forever.

Nothing lasts forever. Forever is a lie. All we have is between “Hello” and “Goodbye”. I’m so lucky to find someone who’s hard to say “Goodbye”

But however the time never waited for anybody.

And I need to say

“Thank you ..and…Goodbye”