Today i woke up 5:15 am. , Because Didi Proud and Bangpan are gonna went to the toilet then Amy Gifted and Green were wake up later .

Today is the first breakfast in America, we ate cereal and milk but i’m made it queer i put marshmello in it.

When 8:00 am. we went out to the school and walked to the chruch because it’s beside the school.

When we were in the chruch we saw many people are sitting and there’s many of flowers , I saw Jesus bind the cross figure in the middle of the church it’s very big

And then we sang in the church with others people and the prits , They are many many of songs and stoy in the songbook in the church.


When we out of the chruch it was rainning, we ran to the van but Gorgesaid we will go shopping and then Me Proud Didi and Amy were ran into the school to get the money.

But GOrge and Joke at us everyone were in the car except me Didi Proud Amy and Mild , Then Gorege back a car to pick us .

ANd when we come to the pigy wiggly store we were shopping untill Gorge and Mild are buying raw material to cook the lunch .


When we back to the school we went to the playground first , I was play the swing , Gorge was swing me very high i am very very scared because i feeled like i’m gonna fell down

Next me Mild Gifted August Green Gorege were played the circle wheel . Mild was played first it are so excited because is look like gonna fell down .

Gorege was spin very fast , Mild were almost can’t stand . And then bangpun tried Oui was spinning her

and then Gorege drove us to Macdonald to eat some food like now .

i will write soon