Today we visited St. Nobert College , It is the place that August will study in America .

Our guie is name Linda , she’s very good guide because she spoke very clearly I very like her because that .

We eat lunch in St. Nobert too , It’s very delicious. I eat grill chicken breast . There’s much of things to eat . It have Sandwich salad too , it looks yummy and it has many drinks too .

I went to the studos is very big we was taking pictures . Didi Proud Amy and Bangpun are the best modeling . I love to taking a pictures .

We are found the writing table , It can write on the table its cool rght ? I love it and it had big computer too . Amy and Didi is model . It can touch screen too .

And we went to the gallery art . The mot is Nepal pictures . I think it a sad pictures .is horrible T_TPoon Photo for me 1 St. Nobert