Day 34 : I wake up early because Zam and Zag come to pick me up early I wake up 5.45 am. I feel sleepy and I go to bath room for take a bath , wash my face and tooth brush after that I go downstair for eat breakfast is very quickly I woory to late . It’s time Zam has come pick me up for go to school .
frist class is math is do work again and learn next class is physical education I go to gym for play soccer I is captain I feel excited but Cole is different team I feel tried and today is no goal and scoor I feel very tried but it very funny and this a last to play scoor this America with friend next class is libary class is not do anything again and I write a block next class is music class is practic a music again and song next class is english class everyone is read a book and not fo anything next class is lunch time I eat a burger , salad and chocolate milk next class is enginner class everyone is do work in computer for neon again next class is CNN class some group is presentation and play a “Kahoo” in note book next class is science today is finish test a wind energy is do new unit but I and my feiend watch a soccer live in phone hahaha
at 3 pm. I come back home with Zam when I stay at home I help Carol to stuck a many candy to many paper and I eat a potato chip because I hungry . at 6 pm. I eat dinner is pizza when we finish we go to watch a grand chid dance at school is cute but it boredimage when I come back home I go upstair I feel tried I want to sleep 10 pm.