Good bye, August!

Jetlag still gets me, so instead of getting up at 8:00 a.m., I got up at 4:45 a.m.
Then Proud and Didi got up to eat some yoghurt. We hung out in the kitchen for a while (I went to find something to eat too :P)

After Gifted, Green, Amy, Im, and Bangpan woke up, we all dressed up and got breakfast.
This morning George got everything ready for us in the dining room, so we just went in and eat.

Our plan for today is going to St.Norbert College at 9:30 a.m., dropping August off then go shopping.
Since we got up quite early, we have some free time to chill around.
Extra, Ultra, Topaz and Oui played basketball in the gym while August, Gifted, Green, Poon and I went out for a walk. Bangpan, Didi, Proud, Amy, and Im just stayed inside chatting.


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Kevin showed up at 10:00 a.m. to drive some of us to St.Norbert College, because the van is too small for 16 people plus August’s baggage.
Everyone fell asleep as soon as the van moved, so they kind of missed some beautiful sceneries along the way.
When we arrived at St.Norbert College, a Vietnamese student came to guide us to August’s dorm and everywhere he should know.
Then we got our lunch in the campus. The main cafeteria here is so big and nice, unfortunately, it’s closed today.
We still get nice food from the smaller cafeteria, though.

After our meal, it’s time for college tour. We were seperated into 2 groups: boys and girls (except Bangpan; since she is having bad leg, it’s hard for her to walk around that much)
St.Norbert is a really nice place. It’s beautiful and convenient, and the people here are so friendly. And most important of all is that the internet is sooooooo fast!!


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Now we are blogging from the college, then we will go shopping at the mall (actually I’m the last one to finish the blog :P)
Till we get an access to the internet again,

St.Norbert College
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