Today I woke up at 6.15am then came down to brushed a teeth and ate breakfast today I went to school at 7.30am and to school at 7.45am.First class I studied history us today I studied about people in 1930s’ and watched video.second class today I have game day but first teacher told don’t have game but my friend told teacher today is last day for me and Ultra.I played football game and another game I don’t know what is name for that game.Thrid class I studied art today I pick up my pot to a home and don’t do work because if I do that it not done it use a long time to do that work.Wildlife class today we have a test I do it but not all and studied about animals and species.Lunch today I have a BBQ pork with bread milk and vegetable.after ate I went to studied with my buddy and went to English for studied last class today teacher she didn’t come but on morning I can saw her but afternoon she didn’t came because she sick.We do work together then came back to home I have snack when I change a clothes finished I came down to has hamburger but it that it has eggs and bacon.when finished I played games and took a shower amd washed my underwear I have dinner at 7.45pm.I ate chicken potato and vegetable.then I do a blog and go to bed.1461893316086