Today we went to Church in the morning since it’s Sunday and especially Sunday after Easter. So there’s alot of people coming for Church today.

Today they also have food survive from Church according to Christian’s believe. But today it’s take home one so we don’t have to stay at Church for eat like in the Easter day.
The food was grilled chicken with potato salad and it’s kind of nice.

Then I got to do my homework, there’s art and Science. I spend about all day doing art and I didn’t do my science work yet and I rerealize that I need to pack up again and put everything in the suitcase because tomorrow is going to be a real last day here.

I finally don’t finish packing up because it was too late and I need to got back to bed. Today I’m very happy because the hot water is back so I can take a nice shower and I decided to wash my hair too because I didn’t wash my hair since we ran out of hot water.

And finally I didn’t make a cookie today because I’m too busy. I might make them tomorrow instead if I have time .