Today I woke up at 5 o’clock and brushed my teeth. Then we had breakfast (cereal rwe on the dinning table. Today we left early at about 7am because we have to present our ice-breaker to friends in St. Francis Cabrini Middle School and Roncalli High School. St. Francis was a small school. I presented my ice breaker to grade 5-8. Everyone was very cute. Some girls ask for my snapchat and someboy also gave Best his Snapchat too. Then we moved on to the second school by bus. That school is where Pladaow’s brother, Nick, studying in. When we arrived there Pladaow become very popular since everyone know her brother. Then we walked to the STEAM classroom and listen to students’s engineering products presentation. Then we met Summer, the exchange student form China, and he have us instructions of being exchange student in America that we need to be a blank cup to get on with friends and family and teachers well. Then we met Pladaow’s brother at the dining room and we had lunch together. After lunch we need to pair up and present our ice-breaker to the class. Pladaow and Nhun had to used the same IPad so I need to pair up with P’Net and present my ice breaker to the social class. When I was presenting, they had classes changing so I need to present my presentation for 2 grade in that class and moved on to the class that everyone was in there and present ice breaker again. We went to the restaurant and everyone still order Cheeseburger Then we getting very tired and get back to bed.