We are in America!!

Finally after a very long flight, we are here in Wisconsin. I wasn’t tired like I thought I would.

We have a long layover (10hours) in Korea but Korea Airport is awesome. They have free shower room, nap room and also free tour. I took a nap with Sam and when Sam was up, George took a nap and I took care of Sam and Nissa. The students enjoy walk around and shopping.

We took a free tour to go outside of Korean airport. It was a quick tour because we have to be back in time but I think it is better than staying in the airport for the whole time anyway.

I think just be in the bus seeing thing surround, We can learn a lot just from that.

We all took a shower after came back from the tour. The bathrooms are big and clean. I like it. And now we are ready for 12 hours flight! Yayy

I remember when I didn’t have kids. I usually watch 3-4 movies on a flight like this but this time I only watch 1 movie and then sleep hahaha. I didn’t even hear Sam cry.

After the airplane landed, we have to go through the immigration. This time it was faster than before because they use computer to help. Mook tried to take a picture of it and the officer told her “No photo”

After that, we waited for all the bags. The kids help with it while George tried to contact Goriteway, the shuttle bus. It took us awhile.

Since we have a lot of bags, moving the bags is some work. One of us need to push 2 carts in one time and we had to hurry so we weren’t in the way of other people. Sooo chaotic. Some of my bag fell down but I have to go forward plus watch Nissa too.

On the bus to Wisconsin, the girls sang all the way. They didnt sleep. They can talk and sing for a long time. The boys were talking a little bit and then sleep.

Once we got to the house, it was 11 pm. We got the kids to sleep right away because it was late.

I couldn’t sleep well because Nissa was wild awake until 4 am. and she was loud.

I and George woke up around 5 am. We ate cereal and went back to sleep. I woke up again arouns 6.30 but George slept until 9 am.

We told the kids to wear warm clothes because we will walk a lot today and when we walk outside, we will get cold.

We walked to the bank then go to First German (Best’s school) to pay Nissa tuition. She will attend school here too next week. Nissa fits right into the class. We were so proud.

After that we went to eat lunch ay local restaurant. The kids ordered cheese burger and fries. They like it. It was the first food they dont complain. Hahaha.

We went to the library to use the internet so the kids can blog. The internet at home doesnt work at the moment. Then go to broad game shop. At this point I feel really sleepy. Best is also very sleepy. He is the worst on this. Hahaha

But in order to get over it we will have to stay awake. Our goal today is to be outside until 6 pm.

Next we will go shopping some food and go home.