1461808883956Today I woke up at 6.00am same every day then I came down to brushed a teeth and ate cereal.Today I didn’t pick up a garbage because it not full but when I came back school I pick it and put outside of home.Today I went to school at 7.25am then to school 7.40am today I didn’t go to library I wait in class home today we ate some snack in history class but I ate some because I didn’t pick a snack to school and I very enough when we ate finished I studied about people in 1936.second class I studied performance today we have test run in basketball court I can ran 57 round it has a program for test same my school in Thailand it very tried when finished we played hockey in basketball court I do 1 score for team and we changed a clothes and studied art to day I paint my pot.it done today.Wild life class today I went to outside to saw how is it.it has a lot of bug in a grass.Lunch today I have pizza broccoli fruit and milk.to day it snap day we have some free time for go everything in school I go to library same every day.Then I go to studied English today I went to computer lab and do a work about Donald trump and came back to class and do some works together then came back home today my host drive a truck to pick up me because my host mom she go outside and use a car.when I stayed at home my host dad do some snack for us we have a hamburger with potato.after that I came down for took a shower and pick a clothes because yesterday I washed it .Today dinner I have spaghetti bread and meat when finished I brushed a teeth and go to bed.