Day 32 : I wake up very early at 5.45 am.because today Zam come to pick me up early and I want to eat breakfast so I quickly to do after that I go to bath romm for take a bath , tooth brush and wash my face after that I gl down stair at 6.30 am. I feel happy because I can eat breakfast slowlife hahaha at 7 am. Zam pick me up for go to school frist class is math is study new story is similar triangle is so easy to do next class is Bio class I see carcess cat I feel scary and bad smell next class is physical education I play soccer I feel very funny and excited because I very like sport today is equal scoor is 4-4 I kick to goal 2 time I feel tried but funny!!! next class is libary class Cole and friend see a WWE and I write a block next class is music class is practic to song I feel fuuny next class is english class eveveryone do work in notebook I feel bored next class is lunch time I don’t no what I eat but is delicious , bread x2 and chocolate milk next class is enginner class everyone do work with budy in comeputer but I not do next class is CNN class everyone do work with partner foe presentation next class is science is last test wind energy I feel excited
at 3 pm. I come back home I feel hungry I eat 2 burger after that Carol go out side for do work and I wait for go to cinema wih Bangpan . It’s time I Bangpan pick me up go to cinema we watch Jungle book is funny when we finish I come back home wih Bangpan . When I stay at home I feel tried I go to sleep 10.30 pm.