Today is a Thursday we were wake up at 4:00 am and we were ate a breakfast.We ate banana and a little when ate finish I have play basketball with the other boys it very fun.At first my team were lost we lost many points so we change the team and when we change the team we were won many points too.Then I and porch were went to the market It was very cold and my hand get very cold .At the market we bought an Ice-cream it is a sneaker ice-cream It was very delisious but the wheather was very cold so the ice-cream do not melt not the same like thailand in thailand when we ate a ice-cream it will melt very quickly.Then we were went to the cheese factory it was so excited we walk through the factory it was very smell.And we were went to ate a lunch.At a restaurant it have a goat farm it was very big farm the goat is very cute too.