Today I woke up at 6.00am then came down for brushed a teeth change my clothes and ate breakfast and pick a garbage to came down and put out of a I went to school very early again I stayed at school at 7.30am then today I stay in library for wait time to studied on first class today history class I studied about people in 1936 and watched a video second class I studied in fitness but today my teacher didn’t come and women teacher came to teach.third class I studied art today I do paint my pot I almost done I will do tomorrow.Wild life class today I go out to saw work at last week we do it and tomorrow we will pick it up after class I ate a lunch today it has bread with tomato sause and milk.Then I studied with my buddy then last class I studied English today I do work in group about story and find what wrong and answer question.I came back when class finished today I have movie tonigh.I came back for took a shower because if I came back home and I tried I can sleep when to home.I have some snack it has hamburger and soup then I washed my clothes.We went to cinema at 6.00pm I choose to saw jungle book it very funny and excited.9.20pm I came back to home and I to home at 10.00pm then I brushed a teeth and go to bed.1461808609449