🎉🌈🇺🇸Today my breakfast is waffles.My lunch is hamburger.My dinner is pad-thai.Today I walked to school.At lunch time Mikaela and Mckenzie went to eat lunch with me and Karter at the school.They bought me some hamburger from Mcdonals.After I learned writing class when I walked back to my class room I saw George is coming to the school to visited me.George came to taked a photos and videos of me when I’m playing the guitar.George also came to visited me at the house.I had showed the creeak.After   that me and Mrs.Kandi went to bought some cloth for making the blanket.Then we went to Thai-Laos restaurant.Guess what?Mrs.Kandi had order some Pad-thai for me.I am so happy.I ate alot of pad-thai.And I prepare for tomorrow my last day at school.I had prepare the gift for my friends and my teachers.Can’t wait to see my family!!!(But I think when I go back home I have to miss my host family and every one very much!!!)💓💓💓💓💓💫🌈