Today i wake up about 8 am in the morning.Then we get dress we wear short and t-shirt.After that we came down to eat our breakfast and it was cereal.We ate 2 kinds of cereal this morning.Then jadian’s friend came to our house.After that we are going to shopping at appleton fox river mall.Her friend also come with us we drive about 1 hour to get there.We arrive there about 11am or earlyer.When we arrive we go to toilet first.Then we went shopping.We went to zumiez first we buy stussy hat at that store.Then we went to victoria secret and i buy body spray for my cousin but bam did not buy anything while we are at victoria secret jadian and her friend went to hot topic and jadian get her 2 clothes.When we fisnish buy at victoria secret we went to see jadian at hot topic then we went to forever 21 and pink.I buy 1 pant for yoga from pink bam also.After that it lunch time so we ate lunch.Me and bam buy panda express for our lunch.After finish lunch we continue shopping but we didn’t buy anything so we went home, take a nap and eat dinner her was go to work at 5pm.