Today, I woke up at 6.44 a.m. I brushed my teeth and took a shower. I went downstairs to kept my things. I ate breakfast at 7.00 a.m. My breakfast is cereal again, but another type. I went to school at 7.20 a.m. It was very early because Wendy had some headache and she wanted to go to bed after sent me and Abbey to school finished. I kept my things into locker. Today I had 3 bags. It has backpack, lunch bag and gym clothes bag. It was very much things. I went to meet my friends. First class, I learned band class. We went to library room to do some worksheet but library room had a lot of people then teacher separate room to near library. I went to that room. My friends did worksheet about saxophone and many musical instrument. I didn’t do it because I didn’t know everything. It looked very hard. I sat on the seat and don’t have anything to do because my notebook was at band room. We came back to band room when my friends finished her worksheet. They played only one music because it had around 10 minutes. They played crazy train music. It was very good. Second class, I learned Physical Education. Today was the last day that I played hockey. Today we played for three times. We won 2 times and another time we had a same point with another team. George was coming when I played last time. I was goal. George said I didn’t do anything. I stayed in front of goal and my friends played very good and they didn’t lost hockey to me to played. He said I looked sleepy.555 Every time during I played hockey, I stayed in same team with Abbey. We went to changed clothes again and when I came back to gym, George and P’Mild were lost. They came to my school around 15 minutes. It was very short time. Third class, I learned Health. We didn’t learn anything, today. My friends played kahoot. I had ever played it already. It was fun but I didn’t have laptop, today. It was game that we answered the question of teacher and compared points, who had point the most, it means who correct answer the most. That people won. It has 42 questions in this game. After we finished play cahoot, it has time around 15 minutes. And we did worksheet and read a book. Fourth class is Hawk time. My hawk time was Mathematics. Teacher asked about rule of test tomorrow and many things about test tomorrow. Fifth class, I learned English. We learned about hashtag. We can find hashtag from many social media. Ex. instragram, Facebook, twitter etc. My friends did worksheet about this but I didn’t do it because teacher don’ give it to me. In lunch time, My lunch are brat, match potatoes and some chips. Sixth class, I learned Social studies. We learned about dollar bells and many money of America and another country. I got one magazine, it was about joining the men’s club. It was about this story. And the last, teacher gave my friends to do booklet about Latin America. but I mustn’t do it. Seventh class, I learned Science. I learned about temperature again. Today, my friends had a little bit test. but I didn’t do it again. When my friend had test in every class, I mustn’t do it every time. After that, they did some worksheet that I didn’t have. Mr. Shinelle saw me and he saw I don’t have anything to do and he gave me magazine of science world around 30 magazine to me to choose for read. It was very much. In magazine that I choose, It had many interesting that I don’t know before. Between they do worksheet and I read magazine. Had 1 friend ask my last name. when I gave him, he said my last name was very long and he read it wrong sound. I was very fun.555 Eighth class, I learned Mathematics. We learned about example of question that they should saw in test. After that, We measured room by tape measure and ruler. We learned about measuring. Wendy came to pick me up because I wanted to went to walmart with Nana. but when I reached to home, the weather was raining. And my aunt called to Nana that we can’t go because it has rain. And Nana looked sad. 5 minutes later. Wendy’s sister came to home. Nana looked happy. We went to walmart and bought some things that she list on paper. After we finished, We came back to home. Nana kept things that we bought from walmart in her room. And I wrote this blog. I ate dinner at 6.10 p.m. My dinner is chicken tacos. It was very delicious. Wendy made it. I will sleep at 8.30 p.m. Have a nice day.