Today I woke up on 6.30am.I had breakfast with cereal,milk.We went school on 7.25am.We arrived school on 7.40am.It very early.First lesson I study history.We study about history of US.Then I study performance.We played weight.Then we study art.I painted pot.Then we study wildlife.We exploded bioversity on last week and read books.I have lunch with hamburger,potato.Then we borrow wolrd atlas on library.Last period I study English.We read books.Then we go to computer lab for essay.Then we went to classroom for did work.We went home on 3.07pm.Today had rain.We arrived and I had snack with sandwich.It very delicious.On 5.00pm we went to school.We arrived school on 5.15am.We practices for talk with school boards.On 5.30pm George and P’Mild came to school.Then I talk about my school in Thailand and Mishicot high school.I said( My school in Thailand is Vajiravudh College.Nextyear I study on grade 10.My school population is about 800 peoples.It have Grade4 to Grade 12.We study only half days.We start on 7.00am to 1.00am.My school is boarding school.We stay in school for 2 weeks then come home.On afternoon we study music and sports.My sport it is divided into seasons.On winter we play athletics and soccer.Rainy season we play rugby,basketball and swim.Music instrument in shool is (JAZZ BAND,MARCHING BAND,BAGPIPES,Etc).We have rugby team in school.We play this sport for school and rugby is favorite sport in my school.
Every Saturday at school.We have activity.We can choose that.My activity is soccer.
Next I will talk about
Mishicot high school
We study in this school about 4 weeks.Next week we will come back to Thailand.It very good school,student very polite and take care me.I don’t know about favorite sports of this school,but I play with them it very funny and excited.On first time to play football games.Them explain me how to play that games.In 4 weeks I have a lot of good moment with them.If I have chance I will go back to America.)It very excited.Then wewent home.I took a shower.I had dinner with chicken, vegetable.It very yummy.See you tomorrow everybody1461634415291