I waked up at quarter past 6 in the morning and I ate some breakfast (cereal ) it was very nice. Then we took a shower and sang a song for Sam(Pat’s baby) because he cried a lot. When me and Nhun stop singing, he started to cry again so we can’t stop singing and have very less time to ate Pat’s sausage. Best bring Thai sause to eat with sausage and it makes sausage be more delicious. About 9am, George woke up and go took a shower so we had time to start exploded around that area and record some vlog. P’Net wanted to eat McDonalds so he walked follow the signs but when we arrived their it’s just a advising sign not a real McDonalds so we walked back home since it’s time. But when we arrived home Gourge was not finished talking a shower yet so he gave us 10 minutes more. Then we walked to the store and bought some lip balm and cocoa. Then we went to Best and Nissa’s school and had lunch at hamburger house. It teast very good so I ate whole piece of it. Then we walked to the library to write a blog since it’s the only place with internet. Then we walked to the Safe n safe market. It was very far and Pat misunderstood about the name so we need to walk more far since Gourge was busy with his two kids. We spend some time looking for mask but we bought dry shampoo instead. Then we walked back to the house and it was very far and cold. When we arrived home, we ate spaghetti with grilled chicken then took a shower and practice ice-breaking presentation. While we practice presentation, the boys was already sleep so only girl did practicing before going to bed.