It’s 7:30 pm of March 26. We had been in the US since 9:30 am but we didn’t have access to internet.

These 2 days are just weird and the day is soooo long. After checking in and boarding to the plane, we spent 5 hours on our way to Korea.
We arrived in Korea at 5 am local time (3 am in Thailand). It was so early that there were no shop opening at that time, so we just scattered around taking nap. After the shops opened, everyone went shopping and trying Korean food. Then we slept a bit more because we didn’t get much sleep on the plane. Then we left Korea and head to Chicago.

We left Korea at 10:10 and spent another 13 hours on plane!! I sat next to Proud in both flight and every time I turned to her she was sleeping. So after series of naps, we finally arrive Chicago. We took Goriteway bus from Chicago to New Holstein, where we are staying this week.

When we arrived, we got some tasks to do before we can have our free time to enjoy snow outside 🙂

We set up our rooms and George have a little talk about how to adapt to the weather here. Then we all (except Bangpan) went out for snowwwww!!!

It was quite cold outside. We played until we felt it was too cold then we went inside and played basketball instead.

Then we took a walk for Pizza and meet some host families and Thai students who have been here for a long time.

We get someone sleeping on the table right now, because it has been such a long day.

We don’t have access to the internet at school, so we might not be able to reply to messeges at some time, but we will blog every now and then.

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