25.04Today i wake up around 8 am. in the morning and cone down toeat cereal then her mom ask me do you want to go to swim so we said we will go.We have bread with tomato soup for lunch the jadian sent me to ymc swim.We are the first one who go there then we chang our clothes to our swim suit then we go swim in the one that not cold.15 mins leter other boy are come then after boys is nemo and her host family.I play with bam, nemo, olivier, emma, and other first.Then we play monkey with boy.Before we take a shower we went in the cold pool it was cold so we didn’t stay in pool so long then we change our clothes.When we come out we met muk and then muk back home with us.After that jadian took me to ice cream shop.I buy ice cream call birthday cake,bam buy strawberry.Then jadian sent muk to her house.And we went home