Day 30 :Today I very excited I like weekend because today I go to Songkran festival I wake up 7.30 am. and go to bath room for take a bath , wash my face and toothbrush after that I go downstair for eat breakfast is bread x2 I go outside at 9 am. I stay at Songkran festival frist I look around every body is people Thailand I feel good and happy . It’s time perform a ceremony I sit with my girl friend is Bangpan . When finish I eat lunch is Thai food I feel miss Thai food because it spicy I like it after that when my group go to back home but I yet back home I play Songkran I feel very fuuny and my host very excited and funny to play Songkran I feel freezing because Carol tease me but I very funny and miss my girlfriend . When we finish I come back home and go to bed because I feel tried and sleep hahaha when I wake up we go to eat dinner outside home we eat buffet with host family I feel very fully after that when we eat finish we come back home and go to bed room for sleep I sleep 10 pm.