Today everyone rest we got up a little bit late from another day In the morning we went to church.and have lunch at home.our lunch today is sandwich cheese and somethings like nachos.At noon we went to greenbay .my host dad did not came with us because his have a job to do at school.first we go to the old train museum.In the car I talk with my host mom and it make me know that this is my last weeked in wisconsin.time passed very fast I must missed my host family.In the museum I see a lot of the old train and it is very fun adriel help mom to took care mariam I am sure that she will be a very good sister in the future.Sam also nice to me.In grandma house she also very nice to me I am glad to meet her again her house is very beautiful today she do the different also good after dinner I played piano at grandma house adriel want to played to her songs is very good.she say everyone can not know her song when we came back we played together and I bought the model that you must do it buy your self and the train cards from the museum to home.this is the end of the day.