On Sunday, We left home at 9 o’clock and had to get to temple at 10 o’clock. This was the first time that mom went to the temple and she didn’t sure how to get there ,so we lost for about 10minutes lol ,but we got there in time. At temple, people there were all Laos ,so the religious ceremony was a bit different from Thailand. We prayed ,made merit and offered food to monk. Then, we had lunch there. Almost of the food were spicy ,but luckily my host could eat spicy food. Maggi really liked sticky rice. After lunch, we went to Walmart and I drove scooter again lol I liked it. Then we backed home and we were all sleep.

Monday after school , when we backed home, rain fell so hard. Maggi wanted to buy more milk ,so we waited until it stopped raining ,but when we got in the car, rain fell again…what a crazy weather! Before go to the store, Maggi had to return the book that she borrowed from the library. This library is next to Oui’s house ,so I texted him that I was in library. At that time rain still falling so hard and Oui ran from his house to library with T-shirt and shorts to see me! Then, Maggi asked Oui to go to the store with us and he said yes. After buying things, we went to dairy queen to eat ice cream. After that, we sent him backed to his house and we backed home. For supper, Mom made Pad thai for the second time ,but this time she buy a Pad thai box that have all ingredients in it ,so just put all of it in the pan. She said that if it wasn’t tasty it not her fault. She add a lot of shrimps too! When I ate it, it didn’t taste like Pad thai lol ,but it still yummy. I though the first time that she did was better ,but she like this one more.

After school on Tuesday, Maggi and I made pigs in the blanket for supper. It was easy. We just put sausage and cheese on the crescent roll And roll it together then baked it about 15 minutes and it’s done! It was so yummy. After that, mom and I had to left home because we would go to the cinema that teacher George made an appointment. Maggi didn’t go with us because she would go with her boyfriend. Before go to the cinema, we had to pick Oui up at his house because his host was busy and she didn’t want Oui to stay at home alone. We went to Walmart before went to the cinema. Mom had to buy birthday card and I had to buy eos lipsticks for my friends in Thailand. I bought 6 pieces. Afterwards, we went to the cinema at 6.30 pm. There, I met Proud, Jan, Im, Jadi, Topaz ,Extra and Ultra. We didn’t watch the same movie. Jadi and Im watched Zootopia. Proud and Jan watched Jungle book in 3D. And all of us that I didn’t said watched Jungle book in regular. Ticket price for per person was 5 dollars. Oui and I bought popcorn before movie started ,but popcorn was bland ,so I add more cheese and butter and that more worse… It was too salty. We couldn’t eat it. We enjoy watching movie and then backed home.

On Wednesday, I just arrived at school for 10 minutes and I had to back home! Maggi forgot that on that day all juniors had a field trip. She just recalled when we were at school. At first, I told Maggi that I want to go with her ,but she said that we had to walk a lot all day ,so I thought I couldn’t go. She called mom to pick me while mom was taking a shower lol Maggi said mom gonna pick me after she done. I waited in the school office until mom arrived. When we backed home, I ate cereals and took a nap. In the afternoon, mom and I went to the store to buy food and lots of thing because dad gonna backed home that night after he went to work in Hawaii for 3 weeks. I bought Frozen watch for teacher George because the night that we go to watch movie, I showed this watch to him and he wanted it for his cousin ,so I bought it for him. Then, I saw Frozen hand jell next to the watch It was so cute!! They had 2 color, light purple and dark purple. It was hard to choose one of it because both were cute ,so solve the problem by buy both of it lol Then we backed home. At 5o’clock I went to Oui house with Maggie and mom had to pick dad up at the airport. I stayed with Oui until 8.30 pm . There, I made him a ham salad and fried egg for supper. When I backed home Maggi came to my bedroom, we sang ,took snapchat and laugh a lot lol love this girl!