Today was the third day of third week of school already.It was a little bit fast than I think.I said happy birthday to Pladaow and my friend in Thailand in the morning and went to school.My first class was Gym.They played soccer today.Mr.George came and talked to me.We talked about soccer in Thailand that girl doesn’t play soccer too much almost never just the boy but in America.They both played together.It was very fun for me to talked with Mr.George and watch they were playing.It’s the truth that the boy was better than girl but girls were good too.We had band and Science.In science ,we noted and researched for the project of other person and watched video of blood type.Next was hawk time and history class.In history class ,we played some history game.I didn’t know anything except from Great wall of China and learned English before we went to eat lunch.In Spanish class,I watched the project video that they do in Spanish.In Math class ,we continued learning and practicing.When I went home ,I took a shower.I played with Olivia for a while and saw Guardians of the galaxy.It was very fun.I ate potatoes and ham for my dinner and watched New Amsterdam before I went to bed.