Day 29 : Today I very excited because I go to cannu In morning Bangpan has come my home because Maggi she work near my home today I surprise Bangpan I ask her girlfriend and she say yes we feel good and I make some gift for her I do heart roll and plastic rose for her I feel bery happy and lovely. It’s time Bangpan host cone to pick we up go to cannu when I stay at lake I pick up cannu in the lake and pick Bangpan up for her sut in cannu I feel tried because she heavy… hahaha my cannu have Topaz , Bangpan and me I feel tried because I row and Gerog see baby corcodie when I come back I race a cannu I feel very tried but I frist!!!! and I go to Bangpan house with Gerog , P’ Mind and my girlfriend . I eat dinner is frierice after that I go to cinema with Maggi ,Maggi boy friend and my girlfriend we watch a Hunt man I feel funny and lovely Bangpan. When finish I come back home and I go to sleep at 11 pm.image