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Today I woke up at 6.00 A.M. and Julie woke me up today. When I woke up I wash my face and brush my teeth then I change my clothes and I go down the house to ate my cereal at 6.20 A.M. and finished at 6.25 A.M. I go and get my bag at my bedroom and that time is around 6.30 so I sat there to 6.40 A.M. and I woke Mind up so she can get her breakfast in the morning and when I woke her up I get on the car and I’m at school about 6.45 A.M. because Jadian have a zero class in the morning today so we have to get there early. The zero class she has to finished her worked in the computer and printed it to sent to the teacher before she graduate because this is the last year for her in the school so she have to finished it at all. The first class is U.S. A.P. Government and today in the class will have 2 presentation as I told that the teacher let students to present in the class by 2 person to 1 period. The second subject learnt about a house and the things that we have in our house. Third period is computer and it always free in the class and it have only 2-3 people learnt. The next class I go to basement of the school with Jadian and her friends. We learnt Math and today the teacher change the seat in the class. At lunch I ate meat burger and snack. The history class we watched the video and the last class have a new worked to do. We go to get Mind at her school and we ate lasanya for our dinner.

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