Today I woke up at 7.20am then brushed a teeth and came down to ate breakfast today breakfast is same every day it cereal again.8.15am I went to beach for pick up a garbage on morning it has only 4 thai kids Im Ultra Green and me it too cool.after that my host pick me up and find a restaurant for lunch today frist restaurant is Hongkong buffet but it didn’t open then second restaurant is Burger king we ate it and we went to canoe is wait another people.My canoe has Im Ultra and me and sat on back and Ultra sat on the font of canoe my canoe is win when go and back but when we back my canoe it stick a tree in the river frist time I think I lose because Topaz and Oui them very far to me but I can win them.If who lose in Chicago them will buy a ice cream for everybody it is Poon because him lose this game.when we go up we go up on the tower and saw birds ducks and seagulls it has a lot.ten I came back to home with my host today I very tried when to a house I took a shower and took a nap about 45 minute then came down to wait dinner today I have pizza I ate it at 7.30am after dinner I do a blog and go to bed.1461460989875