Today is Friday I very happy because tomorrow don’t have school and we meet another thai students and do something together.I woke up at 6.00am then brushed a teeth and came up to ate cereal with milk after that I went to school and at school on 7.40am I go to early again.First today my teacher didn’t come and my teacher in performance class he came and gave works to us about history us.second class I studied performance today I played game it like a football but don’t have tackle and play in basketball court it too fun I do score about 5 or 6 point.Third class I studied art today I do papermache same today it almost done I wait it dry then it finished.Wildlife class today it earth day my teacher told us to go out side and draw picture about how to save a world we draw on the ground by color chalk.after that I ate a lunch today I have omeled vegatables snacks and milks.then I went to libraly to meet Erik he is my best friend in school he help me everything.last class I studied in libraly I cann’t do same every day because they used a computer do essay again and I came back to house I change my clothes and go out side to took picture and walk around a house today weather is fine after that I came up and ate a hamburger and do works to say on next Monday and took a shower and watched T.V. I watched UFC and news about president of USA.and I ate a dinner to day I have hamburger and ate some ice cream then go to bed.1461373984065