Today I wake up on 6.30am.I eat breakfast with cereal,milk.Then I give some foods for birds.We go to school on 7.30am.We arrived school on 7.45am.First lesson teacher don’t come to classroom.Teacher give a work about history US.Then I study performance,today is gameday.We play football game but the don’t tackle.My team win because me ;).I man of the match.It very funny,but very tired.Then we study art.My work is finish.Then we study wildlife.Today is earth day.Teacher give group work about earth.My group do about recycle.It very fun.I have lunch with omlertcheese,potato.Then it is snap time.I go to library I talk with myfriends.They don’t want we back Thailand.I can’t choose that.Then English class we go to library.Today computer lab is don’t blank.We read a books and essay.Then we go home on 3.07am.We have a snack with shrimps nuggest.It very delicious.Then I take photo around the home and take a shower.We pratics about on Monday.Then we have dinner with hamburger.It yummy.Good night everybody.SEE YOU TOMORROW