Today, I woke up at 6.46 a.m. I brushed my teeth and took a shower. I went downstairs to eat breakfast. My breakfast are scramble eggs and bacons. I ate breakfast around 7.18 a.m. I went to school at 7.35 a.m. We met our friends and kept things in locker. First class, I learned Band or Music class. They played music same every day. but It was better and better. I loved music then, I don’t bore in this class. but some music it was very slow and made me feel sleepy. Some music, It was very loud and made me exciting and frightened. I learned Physical Education. I prepared Gym clothes from home because this section is about hockey. I played hockey every this class but I was goal only. Every time, I gonna be goal because my friends said “I was very good goal” I don’t play so much because my friends were very good. We won more than lost. I was very fun and happy. Third class, I learned Health. We don’t play game, today. because my friends had review test. Fourth class is Hawk time. My hawk time was Math. I think because next Tuesday Abbey will have test and it is Math. Then she choose math in Hawk time every day. I think she wanted to practice math because she doesn’t good in Math class. Wendy said “She got grade C and B+. Fiveth class, I learned English. We had a group and read the sheet about soccer with group and did worksheet. Every group had four people. I stayed with Abbey again. but I don’t help her and her friends to do worksheet so much because I can’t do it. After English class of every day is lunch time. My lunch are “Pad mama with sausage and crab” that I did yesterday and some chips. It was good for me. We hangout with friends because it has time. Sixth class, I learned Social studies. My friends had a little bit test. It has ten item. and have time 5 minutes to do. When my friends finished test. They switch the test together by teacher. And checked the answer. I don’t do anything. when teacher distribute test. He pretend me. He gave it to me and kept it return to him. I knew I can’t do the test but he pretend me. When my friends finished to check the answer of the test. They sent it to owner of the test. And sent to teacher. After that, teacher told them to rotated worksheet that they did yesterday. They rotated around 7-8 times. And teacher said them to made it to small pieces. And stayed in roll and threw it into the basket. Who can threw it in the basket, he was giving a candy. but I don’t do it because I don’t have worksheet to change with my friends. I was very fun and it was interesting thing. It was very different from Thailand that teacher must check the answer of student only. because teacher scared student edit the answer. Seventh class, I learned Science. At this class, they had tornado drill. It was practice when had tornado, I think. It was very interesting. First I was very scared because I don’t know what is this because students run out of room and go to stay at locker room and teacher look very serious. And I hurried to run to follow my friends. Eighth class, I learned Mathematics. We got the test that we did yesterday because teacher checked it already. And saw their points. but I don’t sent a teacher yesterday because teacher said me to don’t sent it. Wendy came to pick me up at 3.07 p.m. because Abbey had track at another school. she went to track during mathematics class. And I came to hangouts with Nana again at home. I cooked dinner around 5.00 p.m. My dinner is noodle with “tom yam kung” I did it. I was very delicious. I bought tom yam kung from Thai-Lao market and add shrimp and noodle(วุ้นเส้น) in it. Wendy came back to home and she tried it, she said “it cut her tongue” It was very spicy. Abbey came back to home around 6.55 p.m. I will sleep at 8.30 p.m.