Today I woke up at 6.00am same another day then I brushed a teeth and pack a bag for go to schoolAfter I came down and ate dinner I have cereal with milk then I went to school at 7.25am and to school at 7.40am it early again frist class I have history class today I studied about 1929-1936 second class I studied performance today I ran and play some in fitness.Art class I has to paint color for paper mache again it almost finish.Today I have lunch early than another day I have when finished art class but another day after art I studied wildlife but today it has early today lunch has hamburger freshfried carrot and milk.Wildlife class today we studied out school we studied about biovisity it too fun and today it not cool it very fine.Last class I studied English today we studied in computer lab and another students do essay in computer but I saw my friend I didn’t do it because I don’t have a password for login computer after school I came back to home and change clothes and ate sandwich ice-cream when finished I put a food for birds and wash water tray.after that I came up and do some works in my computer for next Monday and took a shower.Today my dinner has chicken broccoli and tomato it too delicious I very enough because I ate it 4 pieces then I do a blog and came up to brushed a teeth and go to bed.finished to day.1461289988521