Today I wake up on 6.40am.I have breakfast with cereal,milk.Then I give somefood to birds.We go to school on 7.25am.We go to school very early.We arrived school on 7.40am.First lesson we study history.We watch video about stormer weather.Then we study performance we play weight.Today I very tired.Art lesson we paints.Today I have lunch A we eat hamburger,potato,banana,milk.Then we study wildlife.We have activity outside classroom.We explode about bioversity around school.It very funny.Then free period I eat pizzas,pepsi.It very yummy.Then last period we go to computer lab.We do essay.Then we go home on 3.10am.We arrived home on 3.30am.Then we get a food for birds and clean a water tray for birds.It very funny.Then I watch a television and play a games.I take a shower on 5.45am.Then we have dinner with chicken,block Kerry.It very delicious.1461289115165