On Thursday around 1 o’clock, Teacher George and P’mild picked me up at school to go to x-ray my ankle at the clinic in Manitowoc. At the clinic, everyone there was kind. When I finished to x-ray, I waited for result with excitement. Teacher George and I sat in the same room waiting for doctor. Then, doctor came in this room and said that I can walk with out crutches!! I’m so happy to hear that. I tried to walk then. I thought it was slower than use crutches lol ,but I’m still happy and I gonna cry. After that, Teacher George went to Menchie’s!!! It was the third time I came here. He paid for P’mild and me , thank you teacher George!
After that he sent me at home. When I out of the car, I shouted ‘ I can walk’. They are all look happy. The weather was very nice so mom Maggi and her boyfriend were planting trees outside. After that, mom let me went to chicken coop for the first time. She had 17 chickens and all of them were
so fat lol. At 5 o’clock, I had an appointment with my old host family at track meet. Mom took me to track meet. When we were there I couldn’t find my old host at first and mom forgot her phone at home ,so we waited about 10 minutes and then I saw my old host. They came and sat with us. We chitchat for about an hour and then mom backed home. I stayed at track meet until It was end because Grant, my old host family’s son, raced at the last competition. Afterwards, we went to the pizza restaurant in Brillion and the restaurant was near Oui’s house!! ,so I told my old host mom that there was my friend house and she said let he came to eat with us. I walked to his house without telling him before lol he was so surprised. Then we walked to the restaurant. They ordered taco pizza and sausage pizza in big size. It was a lot! How could we eat it all. As expected, we can’t eat it all ,so we put it in the boxes to eat at home. Then, we took a photo together and Oui walked back home by himself. Then, my old host would drive me back to the house ,but they drove pass my house because It was so dark and I couldn’t find it. They backed the car and then we found it!