Today I woke up early by myself and went to school about 7:48 , today it wasn’t have fun thing much because it was just a normal day . But we went to the church today and sing the Hymnol or something but I don’t know how to say it . And to day recess I played with my friends about what they like and it will have 2 choices , And one of Poon classmate tell me that Poon have an accident because he played soccer with other friends . So he hurted his foot but not hard so the teacher was giving him and iced packed and I went to made the line in front of the door . So today dinner was chicken and potatoe I was ate it all and I was very full . so when finished I come to writing my blog just like now and I will go to the game night at Bad Panda .
Wrote soon 😀
I’m 🙂