Day 26 : I wake up early at 6 am. I feel sleepy andI go to bath room for taka a bath , wash my face and tooth brush . When I finish I go downstair for eat breakfast is bread x2 and juice I feel not full after that Zam come to pick me up at 7.35 am. when I in class frist class is math study continue in yesterday I feel easy to do next class breakfast time I want to eat buerger cheese and I eat it hahaha because I hungry after that I go to gym for play soccer in physical education class I feel is very funny scoor is 3-3 not winner I tried and funny I kick 1 goal!!! and next class is libary class we play phone because this class don’t do anything I feel bored next class is music class today we song a music all play to do practice next class is english today president is a teacher every body read a book I feel sleepy and hungry!!! next class is lunch time I eat potato , meet ball , carot , bread x2 and milk I fuly and have a energy hahaha next class is engineer is work continue in yesterday I feel sleepy but I can’t sleep!!!!! next class is CNN class is watch CNN student and work same all day I feel bored next class is seience today is test a power wind I feel excited!
at 3 pm. I come back home when I stay at home I do continue yester day I do gift for someone and eat dinner is salad , fish and frenhfrie and do continue I feel tried and I sleep at 10 pm.