Today I wake up on 6.40am.Then I have breakfast with cereal,milk,banana.We go to school on 7.30am.Today don’t study in classroom.We arrived school on 7.45am.My hostdad call to school for ark them.What time up on this day.They tell him 11.40am.I very happy.I arrived school.I go to office for ark.Where we go.I don’t know in the class,because I don’t study with them.Today I learn about help on internet.Then we go to gym.Teacher give work for plan about my life.I tell him.I will play sports everydays,Talk with peoples.I play basketball.I don’t know his name.He me and extra,Next year are you go this school.I tell him “I don’t sure”.He tell me back”School want basketball player.IIn my think I want to go back.It very good.On 11.50am we go home.We have lunch with shrimp nuggest,lay,bread.Then I walk aroun home for take a photo and I see a football match Liverpool vs Everton(Liverpool won 4-0).I wash my clothes and take a shower.Then we have dinner with hamburger.It very big,but it very delicious.1461199138967