It was soooooooooooooo hard to get out of bed in the morning. I wasn’t sure if I was sleepy or just lazy, lol.

After series of snoozing, I finally got myself up, found something to eat, and sat in my claimed spot, the lazyboy chair.
As usual, we spent the morning working at the house, then in the afternoon we went out to Bad Panda game shop. Tonight we have a game night here, so George decided we should come early to wait for others (and so he could have more time to play his cards, haha).

Since I have to spend my whole evening here, I decided to go walking around the area. I went into a computer shop right across the street from Bad Panda to look for an external hard drive. Then I walked back to the game shop because it was almost 5 p.m., time for game night if anyone would come. However, it turned out that no one came until 6. Im was the first one again. She took a game with her but we didn’t know how to play it, and there was no instructions inside the box, so we gave up and started to find something else when Topaz came. Topaz chose a game called “Aunt Millie’s Millions”, which had an instruction inside, but we decided it was too complicated to play, so we gave up again. We ended up playing “Monopoly”, just to keep it simple, lol.






Im had a unique strategy of not buying properties. I didn’t know how that would work with this game, but she seemed to do ok. Whereas Topaz seemed a bit out of luck today; he kept falling into “chance” or “community chest” and my properties resulting in paying me rent, hahaha. No doubt who the winner was 😉

During the game, we kept wondering if anyone else would come, but as time went by, it was obvious that no one else would come. I bet everyone enjoys spending their time with their host families, so they don’t bother to come out; and the only reason these 2 came was because their host parents had an errand to run nearby. I’m happy that they are happy 😀

Anyway, at 7:30 p.m. both Topaz and Im left, so here I am, sitting alone on the second floor of Bad Panda, while George is still down there somewhere.

An hour to go then we can go back to the house, I guess. I kind of miss my bed right now.

Bad Panda